Friday, December 30, 2011

Cum one, cum all, the bar is open

The Royal family would like to welcome you to our bar, Titty Whiskers.  Where clothing is optional and on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights not welcome...there is a rumor it will eventually be a nude bar but the Queen is being a stingy twat and not saying.  Your glass is never allowed to be empty.  If you see a hot, tall blonde woman with dimples and a pair of gators on leashes, that's Princess Vet and our security system.  Fucking with security is not advised.  Don't forget, mind your manners with the Queen, or she'll have your head on a platter.

Cheers bitch


  1. You rock the bartender business baby... love it..

  2. Oh this is going to be good

    (ps, I almost said goo)

  3. I highly doubt we need security. Who would really want to mess with us? We are like a pack of rabid mexican chicks when someone gives one of us nothing more than a sideways glance.
    Plus we have the gators... And I know the drugs to give that will make them meaner than shit....Or just not feed them.