Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm being hunted

I was given orders from PWT to put the skanks on lock down as she tried to fool The Judge that it's safe to release The Queen from detox.  Who tells a bartender to stop selling their wares to their best customers? Really?  I gave PWT a finger and a laugh and she happily shoved a red hot poker up my ass.

Too bad for her, I enjoy that kind of thing.

Once she realized this she took him away, and no matter how much I begged and pleaded, she wouldn't give him I relented and agreed but on my terms...I got the poker back.  I have my priorities straight!

Sister Wife came up with a fabulous idea, turn the bar into a 50's diner.  Oh hecka hell yes!  The waiters are now dressed in greaser attire and I am wearing my Halloween costume from last year...

I gathered all the Royals in the back room promising a surprise.  There was giggles of new John's or even a shoe sale.  I had all the tables all decked out in the new decor and their drinks waiting for them.  And then I lied like a whore on her wedding night.  "No girls these aren't Long Island Ice Tea's, it's called Southern Ice Tea.  The kick comes later, don't worry".

Except Princess Vet knew better and the jig was up faster than the box boy got up my skirt.

I ran.

They chased me.

And then I had a brilliant idea.

A crazy and brilliant idea.

I'm being hunted by the Royals while PWT breaks Queenie out of detox.   We don't have to worry about The Judge finding their sorry asses, nope nope.  They won't be able to find their way home since I ate the damn brownie crumbs Dutch dropped!  Stupid whores can't find their way home without me, mwuahahaha.

Of course I packed my bags and brought some entertainment with me.  I also came up with the best decoy....

And the best disguise of all time.


  1. They promised me your famous jello shots here. They brought me out dated jello cups. Please Please Please someone break me out of here! Blow the judge if you have to..

  2. Good God, why hasn't PWT sprung the Queen yet. Looks like we have been doing our job. Get on it Princess. No wonder the crown will be mine!!